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Landscaping: Rocks

Rock has long been a favorite of landscaping designers because of its beauty, durability and natural appearance. Rocks are virtually maintenance-free and can provide drainage, help control weed growth and prevent erosion. Unlike many landscaping materials, rocks generally become more beautiful with age as moss and other weathering makes it appear that they’ve always been part of the natural environment.

From the largest accent boulders to the smallest pea gravel, every size rock has a place in today’s landscape design. Available in a surprisingly wide range of colors and types, rocks can provide an artistic accent around trees and pathways. Surround large stones with decorative grasses or use medium-sized stones to build retaining walls and add levels to a garden. When placed over a layer of landscaping fabric, small rocks and gravel make excellent mulch in colors that harmonize well with flowers and other ornamental plants. 
Landscaping Rock (Bull Dozer)

Large boulders of granite, limestone or fieldstone require a bulldozer or other heavy equipment for placement, but provide a dramatic garden accent unmatched by any other material.
River Rock #4

(also called Egg Rock)- Egg-sized pieces of smooth gray or brown river rock are ideal for pathways because their roundness eliminates any sharp edges to stumble over. These rounded rocks make beautiful accents in flower beds and provide good drainage and erosion control.
57 Gravel
This medium-to-small sized gravel is usually made from granite or limestone. It’s often featured as the final layer on a gravel driveway, but can also be used under concrete and for various drainage applications.
Lava Rock

Available in shades of red or black, lava rock is formed when molten lava cools and hardens after a volcanic eruption. Sometimes called volcanic rock, it is lightweight, porous and provides good drainage when used as mulch.

M10 is a finely crushed granite aggregate that is useful for mixing concrete. It also makes a good base for a flagstone or cobblestone path because it compacts well under pressure to create a stable base.

Indian Glass

Indian Glass, or recycled glass garden mulch, is made from crushed or broken glass that is tumbled or etched to remove sharp edges. It comes in a wide array of brilliant colors to beautifully accent pathways, water features or garden sculptures. It can also be mixed with other types of gravel to add color to borders and other features.
White Marble Rock

These bright fragments of white marble sparkle and shine and are a natural choice for landscaping around a marble fountain or other water feature.
Pea Gravel

A smaller version of river rock, pea gravel comes in a variety of brown and gray shades. It commonly appears as a decorative mix-in on concrete paths and walls, but also works well on its own as a surface for walkways and driveways.
Crush and Run

Crush and Run is a gray crushed granite used to improve dirt driveways or as a base material for other types of driveways or paths. It’s also a useful addition to concrete mixtures.

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