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Landscaping: Sand

Soft, affordable sand is useful in many landscaping projects. It commonly appears as filler for children’s sandboxes or as a soil amendment to suit the needs of plants which require dry soils, such as cacti. In tropical gardens, it provides the perfect foundation for sand-loving plants including citrus trees and hibiscus.

Sand is an excellent filler material to use between paving stones, tiles and decorative rocks, especially along garden paths. A crucial ingredient in creating the concrete and mortar which holds stone and brick work together, sand is also used to make stucco.
White Masonry Sand

White masonry sand is used when a white masonry joint is desired in stone or brick walls. It’s also commonly used as an underlayment for above-ground pools.
River Sand

River sand is usually locally-sourced and is a common ingredient in the mortar and concrete used in brick or stone work. It’s also used in children’s sandboxes and as a soil amendment to improve drainage.
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